OrcaWare and Subversion

This is OrcaWare Technology's main page for Subversion training, consulting and support.

Subversion is the leading centralized version control system.

For those people interested in OrcaWare's services, we list all the Subversion related services here.

Subversion Business Solutions

OrcaWare Technologies provides the following services for development, quality assurance and technical writing teams that use Subversion.

  • Subversion Training Courses
  • Professional Subversion Install In Four Hours
    • Have your own Subversion server professionally installed and configured on your own systems by one of the Subversion committers in four hours
    • Supports the following operating systems
      • Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003, XP, 2000
      • Linux: RedHat/Centos/Oracle, Ubuntu/Debian
      • Solaris
      • Mac OS X
    • Installation includes:
      • Apache 2.0.x or Apache 2.2.x, depending upon the host OS
      • Subversion 1.8.x
      • Hot-backups
      • Authentication using password files, LDAP or Active Directory (extra time required for Active Directory)
      • Authorization on a per user or group basis for different sections of the repository
      • Post-commit emails for automatic team notification of commits

  • Professional Trac Install
    • Add on top of Subversion Trac, a popular ticket tracking system. Trac ties directly into Subversion, making it easy to link commits with tickets.
    • Supports the following operating systems
      • Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000
      • Linux: RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu
      • Solaris
      • Mac OS X
    • Installation includes:
      • Trac
      • PostgreSQL database

  • Consulting
    • General on or off-site consulting helping your organization plan and deploy a rollout of Subversion.

  • Migrations to Subversion
    • We help companies migrate from their existing source control systems to Subversion. This includes:
      • Working with management and team leads to modify existing processes and design new processes to work with Subversion's source control system.
      • Migrating code and history to Subversion.
  • Commercial Support
    • We provide commercial support on a per-ticket basis for Subversion.

Organizations we have provided training and consulting to include:

Subversion Links

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