Consulting Services

OrcaWare Technologies provides consulting services in two main areas. The first is in architecting, designing and installing a Subversion version control system. The second is designing, installing, configuring an Orca performance monitoring system.

Subversion Consulting

Subversion is a next generation version control system, commonly used by software development teams to keep track of and maintain their source and document files, although it can be used for much more than that. There are many more features worth examining.

If you are a CVS user, then Subversion makes life much easier. For example, have you ever tried to rename a file or directory in CVS? Did you have to call your CVS administrator to manually rename the file? Not in Subversion. It keeps track of all file and directory renames including version history.

Blair Zajac is our lead Subversion consultant and manages the consultants that provide our services. Blair Zajac's Subversion credentials include:

  • Since March 2002, before Subversion hit its 1.0 release, has been on the Subversion project and one of the programmers who have commit rights.
  • A contributor to the O'Reilly Version Control with Subversion book.
  • Worked with large, well known organizations in bringing them in-house Subversion expertise, professionally installed and managed Subversion servers.

Companies we have worked with include:

Orca Consulting

Orca is an open-source performance monitoring tool for your Unix and Windows sytems. Being the developers of this tool, OrcaWare naturally provides the best support for this tool.

If you need advice in how to plan an Orca installation, or even want us to do the install, or have custom data measurement needs, please let us know and see how we can help you.