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Orca is a tool useful for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto a directory on a Web server.

Orca Example Plots

Example Orca system overview plot

Example Orca web server file sizes plot

Example Orca disk space usage plot

Example Orca CPU usage plot

Example Orca ethernet bits per second plot

More sample sites using Orca.

Say Thank You To Blair

Orca is given away for free for people to use. If you wish to show your appreciation, please consider on the the following options, sorted in decreasing order of preference:

  • Donate - Make a donation to the inventors fund.

  • Wish list - take a look at my Amazon.com wishlist. Some of my wife's wish list items are here too.

    Make sure to put your e-mail address into the the Message area, so that I can express my thanks to you. Also, you may want to check DealCatcher to see if there are any coupons at Amazon.com to save yourself some money.

    My thanks for your gifts.

  • Public References - I enjoy being known as a contributor to the open-source community. If you give any papers or presentations, please reference and place on your plots the Orca logo. If you have public web pages, please add the Orca logo and link it to the Orca web site.

  • Public Web Page - Putting a public web page up with some or all of your Orca statistics and emailing me the link. I'll add a link on my site to your site if it is appropriate for you. I know some of this data can be sensitive information, but seeing more sites using Orca always helps motivate me :)


Latest stable versions:

The Orca package contains the Orca Perl script and all of the data gathering programs, i.e. orcallator.se and procallator.se. However, orcallator.se is sometimes updated more frequently than Orca and separate orcallator.se's are listed here.

Latest development snapshot:

Source code management system:

  • OrcaWare has a Subversion server that hosts all of the source code. This is the preferred means of checking out code, making modifications and submitting them back to the main source code repository.